Growing Up in Public

Posted on Oct 15, 2013
Growing Up in Public

When Lou Reed recorded his classic(ish) album Growing Up in Public, he was in a transitional state between what he used to be and what he was to become. Anikto finds itself in that very exciting position today, and the future is looking bright.

Leading this optimism is the result of several client engagements spanning a variety of interesting projects, from providing emergency e-services for business travelers to redesigning hospital medical record. Meanwhile, Aisle Won continues to grow with new pilot launches and further refinement of the initial prototype.

What all of these projects have in common is a quality that is critical to Anikto’s core mission: the use of technology to remove barriers separating people from fundamental human needs. Another component of that mission is advocacy, evidenced by the increased number of public appearances in recent months.

We’re very excited to have participated in the following activities during the latter half of 2013. Our new mission is to bring digital accessibility to the health IT space, from personal health records to piloting new medical devices in US hospitals. Also, stay tuned for a big announcement regarding a bold new direction for Anikto as we move toward a banner 2014!