Help Us Take Aisle Won to the Next Level

Posted on Apr 28, 2013
Help Us Take Aisle Won to the Next Level

Last month, Anikto announced the launch of Aisle Won, a nutrition support program to connect people living in food deserts with sources of healthy food. Now, we need your help to take Aisle Won to the next level.

As previously mentioned, Anikto is working in conjunction with Real Food Farm and the Baltimore Civic Works to create the first pilot. The app was submitted to the App Store for approval last week. Once approved, a six-acre urban farm in the heart of northeast Baltimore will be able to take orders via mobile phones.

However, to truly extend the farm’s reach we need to add two very important features:

  • A farmer’s dashboard to let Real Food Farm update the app inventory on their own. Because seasonal crops and market locations are always changing, this will save a lot of administrative effort for the great folks who run Real Food Farm.
  • A GPS tracking device located inside the Mobile Farmers Market delivery truck. This device will “speak” to the technology we’ve already developed, helping Baltimore residents see in real time where and when deliveries are taking place. Imagine looking at your phone to find that you can buy farm-grown food just down the street, right now!

Anikto has self-funded all activity for this effort to date. To achieve the next phase, an outreach campaign has been created through the crowdfunding website Indiegogo. The funds raised in this campaign will cover development costs of the dashboard, purchasing of GPS devices, and any training necessary to ensure that everything works the way it should. The funds will also be used to kickstart similar programs in other cities across the nation.

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We sincerely thank those folks who have already contributed to the cause of healthy, affordable eating in today’s disenfranchised communities. Every dollar earned will go towards the funding of this pilot. In the campaign’s first four days, we’ve already achieved 18% of our goal!

Karl Groves once said that accessibility is about providing fundamental human services to people of all abilities and backgrounds. What could be more fundamental than ensuring that people have healthy food to eat? Learn more through our Indiegogo campaign page.