Great Design Is Inclusive

Named after the Greek word for "open," Anikto (pronounced ah-NEEK-toh) provides design solutions that reduce limitations for everyone—no matter who they are, what they can afford, or what their bodies are able to do.

Grocery shelves stocked with healthy vegetables

Great Design Is Timely

To address the growing problem of food scarcity among low-income populations, Anikto launched Aisle Won to connect at-risk residents with locally-grown sources of healthy and affordable food. First introduced in 2013, the program today serves 14,000 customers in 35 pickup locations and was named a "Future of Food Innovation" at SXSW.

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Young girl using a digital respiratory device looking at a computer screen of a flower blooming

Great Design Is Ambitious

Whether it's a blind person applying for a job online or a patient who cannot access her medical records, Anikto is committed to solving the big problems. Anikto constantly strives to combine digital innovation with social benefit. One such offering is Lůno, a series of meditative "sound healing" experiences for people at work or in recovery.

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Group of people from the Lower Ninth Ward neighborhood of New Orleans

Great Design Is Authentic

Today's business climate calls for a new category of design thinking, one that fuses social responsibility with economic viability. Anikto recognizes that difficult challenges require a process of immersive commitment. For this reason, Anikto regularly collaborates with partner organizations to understand the barriers people face every day.

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Measuring instruments resting on a table

Great Design Is Measurable

Success in healthcare is heavily dependent on measurable outcomes. Anikto Health provides clinical experiences for the inclusion sector, serving such therapeutic sectors as oncology, pain management and women's health. Anikto's information design products are currently used by healthcare professionals in more than 145,000 clinical practices.

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Hand written timeline showing steps of a work plan

Great Design Is Achievable

Market conditions and logistical constraints can sometimes be unpredictable. Anikto delivers client solutions that are both innovative and practical, striving for feasibility at every step. Anikto adheres to simple values: open communication, clear understanding, seamless execution and honest integrity.

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Great Design Is Collaborative

Anikto is privileged to serve a number of organizations, and we'd love to add you to the list. Whether you're a large-scale corporation or a small startup, we can help you build strong, lasting relationships with your customers and make the world a better place.

We look forward to hearing your story!