Interaction 12 Dublin Recap

Posted on Feb 5, 2012
Interaction 12 Dublin Recap

Having done a number of speaking engagements the last few years, I’ve discovered that it’s the unexpected surprises that make a conference or event truly worthwhile. Interaction 12, held this week by the Interaction Design Association (IxDA), was no different.

Interaction 12 Recaps

The talks were humbling and inspiring; for a great encapsulation of every speaker’s topic, you should read the daily recaps on Johnny Holland by Vicky Teinaki and Louise Taylor (Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3). And in case you’re wondering if they really did transcribe all these talks themselves, I can personally assure you since I sat next to at least one of them at nearly every talk.

My personal favorites were talks by August de los Reyes, Ariel Waldman, Abi Jones, Amber Case, Andrew Hinton, Dr. Genevieve Bell and Kate Ertmann. Ariel’s in particular struck me as a refreshing combination of high concept and irreverent absurdity (although I heard Dan Saffer’s performance took those attributes to a new level).

Expect the Unexpected

As for unexpected surprises: during my talk on Digital Outcasts, a member tweeted my reference to the Grace app for autism. The app’s creator, Lisa Domican, actually lives in County Wicklow, a short distance away. Over a quick Twitter exchange, we arranged to meet in the Clarion IFSC hotel lobby and wound up chatting for nearly three hours. Lisa is a very smart, committed and passionate advocate. The entire design world really needs to hear her story of successfully modifying behavior through personalized niche construction.


For those who were unable to get to Dublin, I’m told that all sessions were recorded on video and will be made available by the IxDA. On a personal note, I have to share some really cool sketchnotes done during my talk. I’m honored to have been immortalized by such talented and very thoughtful folks. The links below point to their individual websites or Flickr accounts:

Chris Noessel's sketchnote

Chris Noessal from Cooper

Boon Chew's sketchnote

Boon Chew from Sapient-Nitro

Eva-Lotta Lamm's sketchnote

Eva-Lotta Lamm author of Sketchnotes (check out her entire Flickr set)

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