Anikto's service offerings elevate customer satisfaction and improve business value through the design of intuitive, accessible products and experiences. We can't make the world a better place if we're unable to keep our clients and partners happy.

Anikto adheres to simple values of honest communication and impeccable personal integrity. We let others take the credit when things go well, and we shoulder the responsibility if a well-intended plan takes an unexpected detour.

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Anikto Service Offerings

Evaluating an online service for users with a vision disability

Accessibility Consulting

Anikto optimizes your digital properties to ensure they can be used by people of all abilities. We won't impose restrictions on your internal operations, and we'll keep the focus on real-world, practical business scenarios.

Anikto's acccessibility clients include Google, AssistRx, MD Anderson Cancer Center, NTT Data, National Cancer Institute and Comcast.

Researching a gestural interface for people with cognitive disabilities

Research Validation

Anikto gathers and interprets key predictors of your target audience by talking to real users in authentic environments. We'll cut through the noise to arrive at the most important and relevant insights, explained in plain language.

Anikto's user research clients include MD Anderson Cancer Center, Quest Diagnostics, National Cancer Institute and International SOS.

Testing a new respiratory therapy for kids

Product Development

Anikto knows how to delight users and exceed objectives. We'll utilize our years of experience to pressure-test your product concept in market conditions, identifying untapped commercialization opportunities along the way.

Anikto's product development clients include Holland Bloorview Rehabilitation Hospital, Grey Matters, Workplace Dynamics and National Cancer Institute.

Process drawings on a write board

Experience Mapping

Anikto Health draws from over 15 years of industry experience, identifying critical points of entry within the healthcare ecosystem. We design for all areas of the care continuum, from diagnosis to follow-up to reimbursement.

Anikto's experience design clients include Quest Diagnostics, Google, International SOS, National Cancer Institute and Kestrel-Boeing.

Anikto Clients and Partners

  • W. Kellogg Foundation
  • Google
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • The Renaissance Project
  • Analgesic Solutions
  • Bloorview Holland Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Johnson and Johnson
  • Comcast
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Marianjoy Rehabilitation Hospital
  • Health and Human Services
  • Grey Matters
  • MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy
  • Rutgers University
  • MD Anderson Cancer Center
  • International SOS
  • Merck
  • AXIS Healthcare
  • AssistRx
  • Association Healthcare Research and Quality
  • Workplace Dynamics
  • Vanda Pharmaceuticals
  • Kestrel Boeing