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Hello, and thanks for attending this presentation. I'll start with the theory of blue ocean strategy. This is a new concept among business strategists constantly looking for opportunities to reinvent established norms.

Blue oceans denote unknown market space, untainted by competition, where the demand is created rather than fought over. Red oceans represent industries in existence today, where companies outperform their rivals in order to grab a greater share of existing demand. Blue oceans are not about technological innovation, as often the underlying technology already exists. It’s about linking innovation to that which buyers already value and what hasn't yet emerged.

We have both a blue ocean and a red ocean in healthcare technology. Our healthcare ecosystem is increasingly cognizant of how personal devices and apps will promote engagement between healthcare consumers and providers. However, this same ecosystem has not kept pace with the need to accommodate people with disabilities. This is the "blue ocean" in today’s health landscape, but we'll see that closing this gap will prove to be more complicated than it originally appears.