Named after the Greek word for "open," Anikto (pronounced ah-NEEK-toh) delivers practical solutions that minimize limitations for everyone — no matter who they are, what they can afford or what their bodies are able to do.

At Anikto, we believe that modifying behavior through good design is a social responsibility. Successful business collaboration happens when everyone is aligned to the same ideals, metrics and moral compass.

We'd love to have you be a part of the story we're building. Contact Anikto today and let's do something great together.

Anikto Health logo Cognitive art therapy for patient with traumatic brain injury

Anikto Health

Anikto Health specializes in producing meaningful e-health experiences for the inclusion sector, targeting patients increasingly at risk for disengaged and uncoordinated care.

Solutions designed by Anikto Health are currently in use by more than 145,000 physician practices. Therapeutic specialties include oncology, multiple sclerosis, long-term care and women's health.

Aisle Won logo Well stocked grocery store in what used to be a food desert

Aisle Won

Aisle Won is a mobile, socially aware technology platform that connects people in low-income and low-access communities with local sources of healthy, affordable food.

Aisle Won currently serves 4,000 families in three cities, many of whom live at or below the poverty line according to local census data. In one city alone, food assistance spending increased 540% within just eight months.